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Client reviews


Client reviews


What do others think about working with me?

I've been lucky enough to work with some really lovely people. They are so lovely that they took time out of their busy days to write some nice words about what it's like to work with me. It always puts a spring in my step to get such lovely feedback.


Mark Yates - SCan Film or Store Ltd

I had my first meeting with Donna this week which was extremely thought provoking and, unusually in my past experience of marketing experts, very practical! She certainly knows her stuff and this was followed up with a comprehensive, easy to understand, marketing plan for me to follow to develop more sales through my business. It is written in plain english (no jargon!) and gives me a clear path to follow. Anything that I cannot do (or don't want to!) can be picked up and actioned by Donna. How great is it to have a fabulous resource like this and only having to pay for them when I need them? If you need marketing help - ask Donna!😀



Donna has worked with me for over 18 months and I can highly recommend her. If you need help with any aspect of marketing, have a chat with her, it could be the best decision you make. 


Ruth sparkes - EMPRA

Donna is super effective. She's organised, strategic and creative. A very professional individual who is always a valuable asset to any project.



Donna is an excellent communicator, her consistency is extremely valuable aswell as her understanding of marketing. I highly recommend her experience and expertise.

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Donna is a very professional, skilful and motivated marketer. I found her very dedicated, proactive. She was full of ideas and precise in executing them. Her knowledge and experience in the field of marketing can be asset for anyone's business, hence I recommend to work with her.



The thing that makes Donna utterly invaluable to any Elephant Creative client is her total focus and hard-working approach. I often joke that when she's put onto a client account she feels more like a part of their team than the EC Herd! Her ability to drill down to the important deliverables is impressive, as is her constant positivity and honesty. I genuinely consider her to be a vital member of my team.



Donna is a highly versatile marketing professional. At Gnodal she turned her hand to many different tasks, completing each with quality results.
As a start-up our contracting arrangements were fairly fluid and Donna, at the time, was highly flexible and helping us with this.
She is also great fun to work with, something that an office filled with die-hard engineers (read old farts) really needed.



I had the pleasure of working with Donna for 18 months at The Consortium. During that time Donna headed up the Homecare brand which was run as an independent profit centre and for which Donna had complete autonomy. Donnas skill set went far beyond brand marketing and touched upon all areas of business from product selection to web design and customer acquisition. Donna`s aptitude and self motivation are quite frankly outstanding and make her an asset to any business.